There are four stages to our developmental program; Launch Pad, Hot Shot Red, Hot Shot Orange, and Hot Shot Green.  The objective is to adapt the court, balls, racket, and net to the size and strength level of youth players. This allows kids to hone tennis skills and accelerate their development.



Our LaunchPad & Hot Shot Red stages are where it all begins.

Here we introduce our young players to tennis through games and fun activities.  During these activities, they will learn the basics of tennis, including how to rally.

By using slower balls, smaller courts, and shorter racquets, players can play the game from their first lesson!



Weekly sign up $30.00 per 30-minute clinic or pre-pay for a package of 8 for $200. Days and times vary.


Hot Shot Red

Clinics are 1 hour, and players register for a 33 week season. 


The next step up from our Hot Shot Red level is Hot Shot Orange.  Players move to a larger court, relevant to their size.


  • ​​​Ball is slightly faster than at Red but continues to provide an optimal strike zone.

  • Matches are longer than at Red, and children play both "team" and "individual" multi-match events

  • Players have the ability to implement advanced tactics.

  • 1 hour | 5:1 ratio | 33 weeks 



After our Hot Shot Orange level comes Hot Shot Green.


  • The ball is faster than at the orange level, but is still slower and lower bouncing than the yellow ball "regular tennis ball"

  • Experienced players are able to continue to develop good techniques and to implement advanced tactics.

  • Matches are slightly longer than at Orange with both "team"

       and "individual" multi-match competition played.

  • 1 hour | 5:1 ratio | 33 weeks

Contact our office for days & times of any of the above!   Phone: 914-935-6688    Email:

975 Anderson Hill Rd | Rye Brook | NY 10573

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