Elite Program

Invitational Program

Proform Tennis Academy's high performance programs employ a combination of weekly clinics (which focus on technique, strategy & movement through on-court drills and point play), instructional matchplay on weekends, mental toughness training, on-court video analysis, and tennis-specific fitness training to ensure that all participants are provided with the entire skill set required to maximize their tennis potential.

Proform Tennis Academy's Elite program is by invitation only for high performance elite players and USTA Ranked tournament players.


Proform’s fitness program is based on tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention for tennis athletes at all ages and stages. Training sessions stress all on-court tennis performance components:

Strength | Speed | Agility | Flexibility | Stability | Muscular Endurance | Tennis-specific endurance

Athletes Assessment

Assessment allows the trainer, coach, parent and athlete to fully understand the potential that an athlete may have and most importantly to:
• Determine strengths and areas for improvement.
• Determine baseline levels of different physical parameters. This allows for future comparisons
• Allow for accurate goals to be set
• Motivate athletes to improve

Goal Setting
Taking in consideration athlete's capabilities, time commitments and motivation, one should define and set goals to stay focused on their path to success.