College Placement

Proform’s college placement program starts by evaluating a student-athlete’s achievements academically and athletically. Once this is done, our job begins! We help you make a college list, connect you with coaches, schedule campus visits to meet coaches, negotiate scholarships, offer guidance in making a college video, develop a tournament schedule, handle acceptance and rejections letters, and offer specialized guidance with NCAA Clearinghouse requirements. Throughout this in-depth process, we are constantly working with college coaches and admission departments for openings and scholarship availability. We walk every step of the way with the student-athlete. Our goal is to make the recruiting process less stressful for the student-athlete and his or her family.

College athletic departments want talented players as well as strong leaders. With this in mind, Proform can motivate an athlete to pursue excellence on and off the tennis court. Proform will evaluate, create and navigate you and your family through the process. We want you to be successful!

Proform has historically sent tennis players to top colleges around the country. Our students have attended institutions like Virginia, Cornell University, Stanford University and Yale University, just to name a few.


Total Preparation for A Student-Athlete's College Career

Draft a student-athlete resume
. Visit universities locally and while traveling to get a feel for a college campus and their facilities. 
Begin talking with your parents, coaches and friends about potential colleges.
 Review academic curriculum with school teachers and counselors to make sure classes match your college ambitions.
 Start to study for the SAT/ACT
. Draft the first college list. The larger the list the better to give yourself a variety of choices. 
Study for the SAT/ACT
. Go over summer tennis schedule with your coach and parents.

Update resume based sophomore grades and spring and summer tennis results.
Review academic curriculum with school teachers and counselors to make sure classes match your college ambitions.
Begin contacting coaches via email using student-athlete resume.
Shoot a college video to send to coaches that have interest.
Take unofficial visits.
Football and basketball games can be the most exciting times to visit, but make sure to try and watch a practice and meet with the coach.

Take the SAT/ACT starting in January. Also, save time for the SAT subject tests if necessary.
The best date for the subject test is usually in May or June.
Take unofficial visits - make an effort to go to a match and meet with the team.
Continue to build a relationship with coaches by updating them after a match or a tournament.
Regardless of the results make sure you consistently update them.
Register with the NCAA
. Send unofficial transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.
Update your video if needed.
 Begin to reevaluate and update your college list.
Go over summer tennis schedule with your coach and parents.

Take official visits. 
Begin to narrow your list so that you can prepare applications and essays.
Develop a timeline for college applications and decisions.
Meet with your coach, counselor and parents.
Start to think about the college that would be the best fit based on your criteria.
Re-take the SAT/ACT if needed.
Update you college video if needed.
 Negotiate admissions, scholarship and position on the tennis team.
Make your decision. Deposit is due May 1st!