Satellite, Future & Challenger Players!

It is one of our main objectives to grow your tennis game into its full potential. As competition and match play are key components of players’ development, we would like to invite you to the junior intra-club practice match at ProForm Tennis Academy. On court coaching by the Pros will cover five main areas that improve players competitive match skills.

Five main areas covered by the Pros during the matches:

1. Technique
2. Footwork and Movement
3. Strategy and Tactics
4. Mental Toughness
5. Conditioning

Occasion: Junior intra-club practice match
Match Level: Satellite, Future, Challenger
Location: Proform Tennis Academy at Doral Arrowwood
Sign Up by: Thursday February 11th, 5pm
Phone: 914-935-6688

Date of practice match: Friday February 12th
Time of the match: 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Cost: $10 per player

Only players who sign up will be able to participate. Space is limited.

If you have any questions please contact us at:
Phone: 914-935-6688

We look forward to seeing you at the practice match.


Jan Cingel
Director of Competitive Tennis