CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Proform USTA Teams!

As the 2016 USTA Summer regular Summer season starts to wind down, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our players who participated in USTA Adult Team play out of Proform. What a season it has been! We had 15 teams playing out of Proform and to date, 6 teams made it to post season playoffs! We also have two 55+ teams who are in the hunt for playoffs spots. We will keep you posted on them as their regular season ends a little later.

Well done players and captains! The following teams (to date) advanced to post season play:

Team Captain(s)
3.0 W 18+ Full Metal Racquets Karen Cohn, Toby Amidor
3.5 W 18+ The Terminetters Fay Fernandez, Jiyon Lee
4.0 W 40+ Net Winners Tempe Zucker, Denise Willi
3.0 M 18+ Momentums Maurice Frank
3.0 M 40+ Proform Maurice Frank
4.5 M 18+ Court Jesters David Zuckerman, Pai Hwong

Thank you captains for your leadership and organization. Thank you players for your hard work during practices and matches.